COSMOGONIES #              

Selected Works


 “Cosmogonies” is the name of this collection of work, which is elaborated on hand-made paper. Their peculiarity is found in the transformation of my habitual expressions, halfway between a new artistic shape and the various discoveries that present themselves on this esthetic journey; without raising difficulties in concepts of origin.
The papers, as I fondly call them, refer to everything that engages us. This work on paper forms a part of a special world, to the point that they take on identity, while simultaneously showing capability of opening horizons to new conclusions.
A single piece, which is intensive and incisive, helps me organize ideas, make decisions, illuminates a path frequently full of traps, as well as cleaning up the surplus in order to achieve essential results.
My personal fears and doubts are eliminated through its dimensions, technique, and proximity. For this reason, I am able to say that it is precisely here that the painter´s subconscious is revealed. This occurs in its purest and most genuine form, while simultaneously achieving a special value for me; as it lights my path to my next project.