EL SILENCI I ELS DIES  # the silence and the days

Selected works
Silence and its absence, noise and sound, the bell or vibration of things, all of this is an intrinsic part of our human experience, as is breathing, the beating of the heart, or the gravity itself that anchors us in this world
The author, Jordi Martoranno, presents us with a work that aims to bring us closer to some concepts, in which the visitor finds a light rather than an intuition, a call rather than a perception, silence rather than knowledge and 'intellect.
Within this line of concepts, the assembly and location of the works is already a work in itself at the service of the exhibited art itself. The relationship and interaction with space and its light also becomes essential, understood as golden light.
In this context, silence is the central axis of this idea that embraces and fuses the rest of the concepts that accompany these paintings and that at the same time capture, in part, the essence of the poetic work of the "Cántico espiritual"- spiritual song - of San Juan de la Cruz, where we sense explicit references to some of the most beautiful passages of ascetic lyricism and renaissance mysticism.