M O N O L I T H S  #

Selected works



The natural monolith is a metamorphic rock of great dimensions, composed a single element. 
These igneous forms were deeply revered by man in antiquity, together with what they subsequently created or built from this idea, obtaining large-sized stones carved in vertical form from a single block.
It seems that around this corpus, some kind of ritual was practiced that allowed to connect the man with the cosmos, with the intention to expand awareness and obtain new technological and spiritual knowledge.
The continuous interaction of the man with the monoliths did that later to evolve towards anthropomorphic figures with the name of Totems. With this formal evolution changed the concept, but not the essence.
If the monoliths were considered as a representation and a sacred relationship between the whole Cosmos-nature-Man, with the totems embodied this relationship with a God or Gods and as a result, they stopped representing the global relationship Man-nature-Cosmos becoming an individualized relationship God-man.
Also from the monoliths, temples were built in order to ritualizing this relationship from a more intimate, more personal aspect locating the transcendence in a more concrete space. This fact would definitively remove the close relationship that man had with nature and that consciousness of integration and totality would end up diluting causing a split between nature and man that has led us to this day.